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Mass Effect 2 Free Download

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Mass Effect 2 Free Download screenshot - Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 by Electronic Arts is part 2 of the planned trilogy of the game franchise. The starts directly after the end of the last one, but details on the complete game plot are still sketch. One thing's for sure though, you'll still be playing as the great Commander Shepard. The creators of the game say that you can either start a new character or continue the game using your saved file from the first Mass Effect. If you choose to continue your game, the decisions you made in the previous game will continue to affect how the new game progresses. The 2nd installment of this game is much darker, and will involve more riveting and morally challenging decisions for you to make. Likewise, there will be a new array of weapons, skills, and characters, to keep your gaming experience fresh and exciting. This game will still be released in 2010, but everyone is so excited about it already. I saw the game trailers that have been proliferating all over the internet, and I've got to admit that I wasn't expecting the game to be this good. I was shocked with the first video because it hinted at Commander Shepard being dead, but the second video confirmed that the commander was alive and well. If you played the first Mass Effect you should be prepared for more of the same riveting cut scenes, dialogues, and action sequences you love- but much improved. I am confident that whatever changes have been and are being made to the game are only for the good. I can't wait to buy, and I'm sure you would want to buy a copy Mass Effect 2 by Electronic Arts the moment it's released. For more information, check other Mass Effect 2 by Electronic Arts video game reviews. Erika Ayala works part time for a consumer review company. Article Source:

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